Chicago Enviro Groups Want Controls on Coal Fired Plants

Fisk & Crawford Plants
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was presented with a petition on Wednesday that included more than 6,000 signatures urging support for a proposed ordinance that would control the emissions from two coal-fired power plants that spew tons of contaminants into the air in Latino neighborhoods. The effort is being spearheaded by the Chicago Clean Power Coalition

The environmentalists are demanding an ordinance directed at the Fisk and Crawford plants, located near the Latino neighborhoods of Little Village and Pilsen, respectively.  Both plants are owned by Midwest Generation. The coalition notes that Fisk, built in 1903, and Crawford, which dates from 1924, "are subject to more lenient federal pollution limits because of their age."

The environmentalists cite a 2001 Harvard University study which found that pollution from Fisk and Crawford could be responsible for 42 premature deaths, 66 heart attacks and at least 2,800 asthma crises annually.

Chicago's proposed Clean Power Ordinance has not been resolved despite months of discussions within the 50-member City Council. The measure recently was returned to the Council's agenda on the initiative of Aldermen Daniel Solis and Joe Moore, but no date has been set for a vote on it.

Kim Wasserman-Nieto, executive director of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, demanded the mayor's intervention to "put this problem behind us once and for all."

The ordinance under study would obligate the plants to stop burning coal to generate electricity and to switch over to natural gas or stop operating.

It establishes that if an installation has a quarterly emissions average that exceeds the federal and state limits, it will be fined up to $10,000 and will have to suspend its operations until pollution controls are installed to ensure it complies with the standards. (Fox New Latino, 9/20/2011)


Greenpeace Needs Data & Application Specialist

Position Title: Data and Application Specialist
Location: Washington, DC

Greenpeace is looking to hire a member for the Data Team. The Data and Application Specialist ensures that users of our three databases are able to utilize the systems efficiently and effectively. The Specialist is expected to develop an understanding of how different departments utilize the data systems and make recommendations and improvements to systems and processes as needed. The Specialist will serve as the liaison between front end users and the more technical team members ensuring that both sides have a full understanding of a project and its goals. The Specialist also will be tasked with producing data selects, reports, troubleshooting user problems, training, and writing documentation.

The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication skills, enjoy learning new things, and excel at problem solving, as the position often requires unraveling intertwined trails of data. At times, the Specialist may be the only person who comprehends all facets of a problem and should be comfortable taking initiative and making recommendations on best practices. Additionally, candidates should have experience working with database applications and be comfortable handling large amounts of data.


• Support front-end applications for the three database systems that are used by staff
• Develop and improve business processes
• Recommend best practices in data selection and message targeting
• Recommend solutions for data problems in user applications
• Prepare segmentations, reports, and data sets for staff
• Train users on best practices and usage of three databases


• Quick at learning end-user applications
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• Experienced at working with a large amount of data on a daily basis
• Intermediate skills with data-related software packages. Experience with Team Approach or Convio Online Marketing is a plus
• Able to work independently and demonstrate initiative and follow through

To Apply

Please send cover letter, including where you heard of this position, and resume to resumes@wdc.greenpeace.org  by September 23, 2011.

Andrea Cimino, Recruitment Fellow
Greenpeace USA, Washington DC